Learn How to Stay Competitive and Get Organized!

On the course or on the go, golfer Bernadette has adapted her Signature purse for everyday use and loves its unique compartment features: “Being a little OCD, I love having a special spot for things like my cell phone, wallet, driver’s license, sunglasses, keys, lipstick, and perfume.”

The Signature’s 29 pockets, clips, and compartments allow her to bring a plethora of items all in an organized fashion.

Bernadette with Signature purse

In addition to holding her every day items, the Signature purse allows Bernadette to carry personal effects that a regular purse simply cannot: “I like the padded slot for an iPad as well as the longer zipper that makes it easy to access everything inside.”

She also enjoys its unique strap options that conveniently transform the Signature purse from an easy to carry handbag to an attractive off the shoulder look.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: A golf checklist for the organized golfer.

This sports enthusiast and socialite admits that when it comes to staying organized and looking stylish, she has finally met her perfect match in the Signature Golf Purse: “I love having a special place for things and the differences in all the features make it easy to remember what I have and where it is. Did I mention that the quality of the purse is exceptional?!”

When we asked her for a closing remark to leave readers with about her Savvy Girl Signature Golf Purse, she concluded “The best thing since slice bread!”

This Savvy golfer also wanted to leave readers with five tips to help you improve your game and stay competitive on the course:

1.    Set expectations low, enjoy overachieving, and don’t get discouraged.

2.    Bad habits are hard to break—Take a few lessons to learn the right way.

3.    If you’re having a bad round and getting upset, just stop keeping score.

4.    If you aren’t striking the ball well, take a shorter backswing.

5.    Remember, a bad day at the golf course is still better than a good day of work.

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