Why golf purses?

Why golf purses? I have been searching for the perfect golf purse for several years. I’ve scoured the internet, magazines and catalogs never finding what I really wanted in organization and look.


My dear friend Jill Wight started a women’s camera bag company and suggested that I develop my own. I talked to my sister and we decided to start our own company and go for it. Jill helped us with the creative and the overall process of design and manufacturing purses. One of the other frustrating things we have found is finding high quality golf apparel and accessories. We have attended the PGA show in Orlando for the last 3 years. The show is very male dominated and very targeted to men. Even so, we have come across items we love (and never see in pro shops and stores) so you will see some of them show up as specials and promotions! Stay tuned!

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