Is Your Purse Weighing You Down?

Let’s face it…having a large purse creates bad habits:

#1 Disorganization—You struggle to find anything you’ve thrown in your purse.

#2 Overpacking—Large purses encourage you to carry more items than you actually need.

#3 Shoulder Pains—The weight of the purse can put extra strain on your shoulder and affect your golf swing.

Our friend and golfer, Susan, realized she too was guilty of these bad habits and that her large purse was no longer pulling its weight. She needed to get her purse back in shape.

Susan wanted a purse that was fashionable and light with plenty of pockets to help her stay organized and allow her to carry only what she needed on and off the golf course. After receiving her Savvy Girl Birdie Golf Purse, Susan didn’t waste any time making the switch from a disorganized large purse to a stylish, slimmer, and more organized purse.

Susan delighted in the fact that she didn’t need to carry a big wallet anymore.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: A golf checklist for the organized golfer.

Instead, she uses the Birdie’s two mesh pockets with velcro closures for separating her credit cards—right side for business cards and license: left side for cash and change. And here’s the best feature – a clip that holds her keys and hair ties!


And she loves having plenty of room left over to store her medicines, lipstick, mints and other smaller items. She uses the double-zippered pocket on the inside of the Birdie to carry receipts and the center double-zippered pocket to store her cell phone.



The roomy middle of the purse is large enough to hold a checkbook, pen, hand sanitizer, sewing kit and a pair of compact reading glasses.




More importantly—the Birdie’s convenient wristlet attachment completely eliminates Susan’s concerns about shoulder pain. It also allows her to go hands-free while traveling or shopping.

The Birdie also features a shoulder and cross-body adjustable strap, making it the perfect go-to purse for a day at the course or a night out with friends.


Thanks to her Birdie golf purse, Susan doesn’t waste her time thinking about old bad habits—she’s too busy receiving compliments for her style!

And…all that other stuff that she used to carry in her big purse…she realized that she’s better off without carrying the extra weight around!

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