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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays just around the corner, we at Savvy Girl Golf have decided to continue our tradition of providing you with some golf-inspired gift ideas (and of course, a few things we love, no matter the season).   We’re sharing our top 13 picks of the year to help you celebrate the season of […]

Best of the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show – Part II

We’re ready to share part II of our”best of” list from our trip to the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. During this round, we’ll reveal some creative golf-inspired attire that may surprise you! Many of these items come in a variety of vibrant colors and neutral tones, so they’re perfect for every season, occasion, and […]

Best of the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show: Part I

  Each year, we set out on an adventure to the annual PGA Merchandise Show, where we discover all the latest and greatest style trends for golfers. This year’s event set the bar higher than ever with some of the best deals and golf-inspired goodies we’ve seen so far. After days of browsing through hundreds of […]

Savvy Girl’s Top 5 DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

For all you creative crafters and DIY fans, we at Savvy Girl Golf wanted to share our absolute favorite DIY Christmas ornament ideas using golf balls that are fun and easy to make with the whole family. From golf balls decorated like snowmen and Santa Claus to reindeer-themed ornaments, our list has something special for […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

  With the holidays just around the corner, we at Savvy Girl Golf couldn’t wait to show off this year’s list of golf-inspired gift ideas. Last year, we gave you our top 10, so this year we’re sharing our top 13 picks to help you celebrate the season of giving the Savvy Girl way.   […]

Behind the Scenes of Our New Videos!

One of the more exciting things we did recently was to film two videos that creatively showcase why Savvy Girl’s Signature and Birdie purses are the ultimate golf, travel and everyday companions. Our videos show each purse’s ability to hold all your things in a fun way.

Fall-Inspired Snacks for the Golf Course

Fall is here in full swing and we thought we would share our ideas for some fun fall-inspired snacks to take with you on the golf course.   Because we all have busy lives, we were in search of easy and healthy snacks.  We found an article on some super new items available at one of […]

Savvy Girl’s Guide to the Unwritten Rules of Golf

In golf, there are formal game rules and unwritten game rules—both of which work together to ensure a pleasant golf experience for everyone. For example, formal golf rules are updated annually, and professional golfers learn them to stay ahead of the game and their competition. On the other hand, unwritten game rules are understood among […]

How to Have More Fun on the Golf Course

While practicing your golf swing or short game is important, it’s even more essential that you’re having fun along the way. Golf is a sport that relies on practice, patience, skill, endurance, and of course, competition. So why not add a little playfulness to and try one (or all) of these 6 golf-inspired games. Perfect […]