9 Golf-Inspired Gifts for the Best Mother’s Day!

1Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to buy Mom something truly special. Instead of purchasing flower arrangements or serving breakfast in bed, we want to help our Savvy readers get their Moms the perfect gift and make this year the best Mother’s Day yet.

Whether you’re shopping for your Mother, Mother-in-Law, Stepmother, Grandmother, or Great-grandmother, Savvy Girl Golf has created a list of 9 affordable and creative golf-inspired gift ideas that will show her just how much you care!

From personalized golf memorabilia to stylish clothing brands that are perfect for a round of golf or family gathering, you’re sure to find something that highlights your mom’s personality and beauty.

1.Personalized Golf Towel



Affordable, customizable, and perfect for those long days on the course, this personalized golf towel from Walgreens will allow your mom to take her favorite people with her—wherever she goes! The towel measures about 12″ X 18″ and captures up to an 8″ X 12″  image. It also includes a grommet on the top left corner, so she can easily clip the towel to her golf bag—or better yet—her Savvy Girl Golf Signature Purse.

Starting at only $19.99 each, plus shipping, this personalized golf towel is a steal and a great gift for moms who like to spend their free time on the fairways.  Here is the link for this great offer.


2.Hot Sox Women’s Golf Cart Socks




Fun, fashionable, and delightfully colorful, these socks offer a playful gift option that every mom will love. Available in a variety of styles, these will quickly become your mom’s favorite pair of socks.

They’re great conversation starters and will highlight her vibrant personality. Buy three pairs of socks for only $15 and save over 20 percent on your entire purchase by using coupon code: save.  Available at macys.com.


3.Katherine Way Collection




Number three on our list are these Katherine Way shorts and tops. Ideal for those warm summer days, these flattering outfits look great on every body shape and will help your mom stay cool and look fabulous on and off the golf course.

As our Savvy readers know, we love Katherine Way’s designs. Her dresses and tops are always in style and will help you exude confidence. And the best part is her clothing line is perfect for every occasion: a round of golf, lunch with friends, or family gatherings.

For a limited time, Katherine Way is offering up to 75 percent off clearance items. Check out her website to see her clearance items or to find a store near you.   We promise you’ll find something beautiful for mom—and maybe even yourself.


4.Photo Perfect Golf Ball Setgolf Balls

What better way to make mom feel loved than by reminding her of all the people who care about her the most. These Photo Perfect Golf Balls from Nike Mojo are adorably designed using the photos you select. Choose your mom’s favorite picture of you, the family, the kids, and even the family pet, and Nike Mojo will imprint those images on a dozen golf balls.

Your mom will love showing these off at the course and keeping them on display for everyone to see. Nike Mojo is also offering free shipping in time for Mother’s Day, so don’t wait too long to purchase these unique Photo Perfect Golf Balls. Available at personalizationmall.com.


5.Norman Love Confections-Mother’s Day Gift Boxes



Okay, we admit that this gift idea isn’t exactly “golf-inspired,” but we felt we needed to include our favorite chocolates that are made in our adopted hometown of Naples, FL.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Norman Love Confections is offering a variety of Mother’s Day Gift Boxes that include 10 mouthwatering special edition heart-shaped chocolates, as well as a delicious assortment of chocolates from their 36-piece Signature Collection.

Your mom can sink her teeth into a variety of savory flavors, including mint chocolate chip, passion orange, peanut butter cup, and our favorite cookies n’cream. These boxes are available in five different sizes, and each gift box is filled with love! Prices range from $15-$95, depending on the size of the gift box. We just warn you that your mom may not want to share this yummy Mother’s Day treat.


6.Gift Certificate-Freshly Manicured Nails



Why not treat your mom to a nice, relaxing manicure to help her unwind from the week. And just to add a little golf flavor to the mix, we recommend picking a few golf themed nail designs and colors that your mom can choose from.

From checkered golf designs to tiny little tees or golf bags, your mom will be set for her next golf outing. And every time she looks down at her beautifully manicured nails, she’ll remember just how thoughtful you are. It’s a win-win.


7.Savvy Girl Golf Signature Purse


The Signature Purse


Coming in at lucky number seven is the always fashionable, always organized, and always ready for the next adventure Savvy Girl Golf Signature Purse. With its 29 compartments and unique mesh pocket features, we’re proud to say that this is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift.

Its reversible strap options will allow her to go for an off the shoulder or across the body look and its durable, U-shaped zipper will keep her belongings safe. Easy to clean, carry, and transform into the perfect luggage or briefcase, the Signature purse will keep your mom organized on the golf course and in the office.

It has plenty of storage room for her golf balls, tees, cell phone, keys, and wallet and comes in a vibrant blue that is sure to trigger compliments. And just to ensure you’re getting the best deal for Mother’s Day, we’re now offering 20% off plus free shipping on all Savvy Girl Golf purchases!  Use Coupon Code MOM20 to receive your discount.  Order by Thursday, April 28th to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day.
8.Savvy Girl Golf Birdie Purse

The Birdie Golf Purse 09



We all know that moms are like Wonder Woman when it comes to running errands, carpooling, and entertaining guests, so why not get her a purse that can keep up with her pace and take a load off her shoulders. Perfect for keeping it simple, the Savvy Girl Golf Birdie Purse is sophisticatedly designed for staying organized and light, wherever the day takes you.

Weighing less than a pound, this easy to carry, fashionable handbag is stronger than it looks. Its mesh pocket features will hold her cash, credit cards, lipstick, and phone. And like the Signature purse, you can use Coupon Code MOM20 to receive 20% off + free shipping. This is truly a gift your mom will enjoy all year round!  Order by Thursday, April 28th to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day.


BONUS GIFT FOR MOM:  Free Printable Golf Checklist

Golf Check List

9.Angelica Collection: Non-Antique Stipple Finish Brass “Golf” Expandable Bangle



The last item on our list of creative golf-inspired Mother’s Day gifts is this light and trendy expandable bangle. Perfect for the golf mom you love, this bangle has the most adorable golf-themed charms and comes in three different colors: white, yellow, and pink.

Available through Amazon.com, this bangle is fashionable, affordable, and manufactured right here in the United States. It’s uniquely made from recycled metals, and every time you purchase a bangle from the seller, they will donate $.25 to Generation Rescue (Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Organization). These stylish bangles start at only $25 and are available with free shipping included.

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