A Golf Checklist for the Organized Golfer

Stay focused on your golf game by knowing that you have all your golf clothing, accessories and equipment packed and ready to get to the course on time!!

Free Golf Checklist & Tips

It always seems to be a challenge to get out the door for a day of golf or a vacation without forgetting something you need. Sometimes I stand at the door and ask myself, “Do I have enough balls, the right visor and do my socks match? Did I remember that new hat clip that I just bought?” Then, I will be in my car and think, “Do I have my shoes (or the right pair), sunscreen or an extra pair of socks?” Then, “OH NO… Where is my phone, my sunglasses or my rain jacket?”

During the drive, that sinking feeling creeps into my stomach when I realize I forgot my credit card and snack. Darn it all….

To help you get organized, we have created a golf checklist with 20 must-haves for the course, 30 nice-to-haves, and space for your own unique items. We have also included tips to help you get ready.

Whenever we are going on a golf vacation, we always have to create a list of what to pack. (Not our favorite thing to do!) This checklist is also great to help you prepare for that much-needed vacation!!!

BONUS DOWNLOAD – Click here for a printable copy of the Golf Checklist & Tips


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