How Jenn, A Busy Professional and Mom, Stays Organized


Meet Jenn, a busy Mom and professional women, who needs some help organizing her day….FullSizeRender copy


This is Jenn’s story:

She is a professional, mother of two and both a golf and horse lover. In other words, she’s like many of you.

Jenn carried lots of things in her old purse for the kids and herself along with the things she needs for the golf course and horse stable. So it was always in one place….the bottom of her purse in one big heap! When she saw the Savvy Girl Golf purses and the many compartments that they have, plus it looked “soooo stylish” – she started using both the Signature and Birdie.

Here’s how she’s keeping it together by using both purses:

Her essentials go into the Birdie – keys attached to the end clip, credit and debit card, driver’s license, phone in the zippered side pockets, hand sanitizer, headphones and lip balm go in the Velcro mesh pockets with a pen in the center compartment. Then she slips the Birdie inside the larger Signature bag which holds lots of other things she uses on a daily basis.



Every morning as she leaves the house with one kid on her hip and one hand free, she puts her coupons, registration form (for preschoolers fall activities), and book into the outside pocket – one handed! The pocket keeps its form and is deep enough so everything stays in place. She uses the end pocket for her cell phone when she is on the go. Here’s what is kept on the inside


Signature - Inside Full• Small flashlight hooked on center clip with carabiner for barn visits when the lights are out.    Easy to find when the barn is dark.
• Savvy Girl Golf logo pocket with Velcro closure is perfect for her barn knives. The pocket closure is secure enough so that her preschooler can’t access easily.
• The long end pocket had an emergency diaper tucked in along with mini wipes.
• The insulated beverage compartment stores her daughter’s water bottle.
• Hair ties on end clip for both her and her daughter, pencils in one of the elastic loops.
• Other things in various pockets – stamps, gift cards, gum, brush, tissues and band aids.
• We designed the corner zipped pockets for a three pack of golf balls, but Jenn informed us that they were the perfect size for tampons. Who knew?
• A bottle of pain reliever was in the center compartment due to a stiff neck from last night’s piggy back ride. Her full size wallet was also in the center compartment.
• Reward cards and less used credit cards were tucked safely away.
• The larger multi use pocket holds her work pass and extra set of keys.
For a quick trip into the grocery store, she can easily grab the Birdie bag out of the Signature. She has everything she needs for shopping.


Oh, and by the way…

Jenn also uses the Birdie for golf. She walks the course so she just takes the Birdie bag out, clips it on her cart, and off she goes.

And here’s the icing on the cake…..Jenn recently dropped her Birdie bag into a mud puddle and thought she was in big trouble.

She pulled a wet wipe out (conveniently tucked away in one of the purse pockets), wiped off the purse and…guess what…it was as good as new!!!

So everything is organized and easy to find thanks to the Signature and Birdie Savvy Girl Golf purses. Jenn’s Life in Two Bags!

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