How a Busy Attorney and Mom Gets Organized while Traveling

Below is an excerpt from a note we received from Rachael Pearlman who recently used the Signature bag while traveling with her family….

Diane and Deb,

So, far, I have taken (the Signature bag) on a Disney World family vacation, using it as my airplane carry-on, and as my sole piece of luggage for a weekend with my husband in Manhattan. I cannot believe how much it can hold and how there is a pocket for everything! That is the point, of course, but it is so easy to use.

At Disney, because our luggage was arriving late (via shuttle), I packed my three kids’ pajamas, as well as mine, and everyone’s toiletries, in the bag, so we were all able to be comfortable when we arrived at night before the luggage came (way after the kids’ bedtime). On the way home from Disney, I used the amazingly spacious center pocket for lots of plane snacks, I could not believe how many boxes of Mickey-shaped cookies fit.

Over the weekend in Manhattan, I was able to pack a cute outfit for the theater, pajamas, and all toiletries and access everything easily. The bag is also so light that it is simple to carry around. I did not feel like I was hauling luggage all over the city. When we went to the theater, the bag fit easily in front of me, leaving me with leg room. Of course I also received tons of compliments on the bag, both before and after people realized how much could fit inside and how organized it could be.”

“It is a great bag and it is now an essential part of my luggage when I travel.”


Rachel – Thank you so much for your note.  We love the purse for travel too.  It is such a pleasure to hear how someone else is using the bag for travel!  Enjoy!!

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