Savvy Girl’s Top 5 DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

For all you creative crafters and DIY fans, we at Savvy Girl Golf wanted to share our absolute favorite DIY Christmas ornament ideas using golf balls that are fun and easy to make with the whole family.


From golf balls decorated like snowmen and Santa Claus to reindeer-themed ornaments, our list has something special for everyone’s tree and will enhance your home’s holiday décor.

So…grab your old golf balls, art supplies and let the creativity flow!



several-snowmen1.Snowmen Christmas Golf Ball Ornaments.  From snowman heads to full-bodied Frosty, golf balls make the perfect tool for creating cute little snowmen that you can either hang on the tree or sit alongside each other—creating a cheerful table ornament that your friends will love.


2. Penguin Golf Ball Ornament.  Get your paintbrushes ready. These little cuties are quick and easy to make and create the perfect tree decoration. Just paint the outside of the golf ball black, leaving a large white circular outline for the face. Then paint two dots for eyes and an upside down orange triangle for the nose and wa-la… instant penguin.  (For those of you who would like to buy this cute penguin, visit etsy to purchase!)


3. Reindeer Golf Ball Ornament.  Here’s another family favorite. We recommend using acrylic paint for the vibrant colors. You can make the ears out of cardboard paper and drill a pilot hole on the top of the golf ball and screw in an eyehook, making it easy to hang on the tree. Don’t forget to paint the bright red nose on this little guy.  (This ornament was previously offered on Etsy.)


ornaments4.Golf Ball Santa Ornaments.   Old St. Nick has never looked better! Just paint a Santa on one or three different golf balls, drilling a hole into the top of each and inserting an eyehook like the reindeer ornament, and then string them along on a rope to hang in your kitchen or over your fireplace mantel. You can find mini-Santa hats at any local craft or “dollar” store.

5. Tall Snowman Ornament  Although we already mentioned DIY snowmen ornaments in this list, these golf-inspired goodies can be made in a variety of ways, including full-bodied snowmen. An easy way to do this is by using a tall, clear drinking glass and putting three golf balls—stacked one on top of the other—inside of it. Then use a Santa hat to the top. You can paint silly faces on the snowman and glue on some old tees for arms or maybe give him a tie, scarf or a festive sweater to wear.  (This ornament was previously offered on Etsy.)


We hope you enjoyed reading out list of our top 5 DIY Christmas ornaments using your old golf balls!  We’d love to see some pics of the ones you make!

Want more Golf DIY ideas?  Check out the Savvy Girl Golf DIY Golf pinterest page.  (As of this writing, we have 139 pins and we are adding more!)


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