How to Travel Like a Savvy Golf Pro

Our savvy readers know how to stay organized and look fabulous on the golf course with their Signature and Birdie purses. But what they love most about their Savvy golf gear is that they quickly transform into the perfect travel handbags.

Cindy Hept Photo

Whether you’re planning an overnight trip, spending time with the family on a weekend getaway, or headed to your vacation home, the Savvy Girl Signature Golf purse makes any size travel easy by keeping you organized with unique compartment features for every item on your travel list.

We recently asked our good friend Cindy—a fellow golfer—how she utilizes her Signature golf purse for travel. Cindy is a busy mom who loves her dogs, traveling, baking, and spending time with family. She even has a beautiful home located in the country, where she hosts family gatherings and entertains friends. That’s why it’s important for her to be prepared and stay organized wherever she goes.

How does she do it? She keeps her Signature golf purse close by. Cindy uses its multiple compartment features to store her belongings for the road ahead: “At first, I was overwhelmed with how many pockets were included. I had to really think about what I wanted to put in the purse and where I wanted everything to go. Now, it’s easy, and I know where everything is without having to dump my purse out on the hotel floor,” says Cindy.

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Cindy has traveled all over the United States, including Las Vegas, Florida, and Chicago. We asked her which golf purse she prefers for these longer trips. “I use both purses!” says Cindy. “I use the Signature for travel days and the Birdie for when I reach my destination.”

“In addition to the Signature’s mesh pockets that make finding things easy,” Cindy loves the quality and durability of her golf purse: “The zippers are solid and the straps are secure, which gives me peace of mind when I travel,” says Cindy. “I love knowing that my belongings are safe, and they won’t fall out while I’m running through the airport.”

Cindy also enjoys the attention she receives from other female travelers who can’t help but comment on how fashionable it looks: “Once while traveling on a plane to Las Vegas, a woman approached me and asked me where I got my Signature purse. She absolutely loved the color and how many compartments it had.”

Wherever she goes, Cindy always has her Savvy Girl Golf purses ready for each new travel adventure.

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