Behind the Scenes of Our New Videos!


One of the more exciting things we did recently was to film two videos that creatively showcase why Savvy Girl’s Signature and Birdie purses are the ultimate golf, travel and everyday companions. Our videos show each purse’s ability to hold all your things in a fun way.

Two amazing photographers, Steve Kelly and Scott Hamilton came up with a script that was clever, creative, and most importantly, would show our readers just how many of their belongings they could easily store inside their Savvy Girl Golf purses.

Both Steve and Scott see things that others don’t stop to notice, which is why we knew they’d be perfect for our video project. Scott has a studio, Hamilton Productions, in Village Gate, which is where the Savvy Girl Golf video set was built and filmed.

Scott & Steve built the set and worked their magic over a span of several days with different cameras, lighting fixtures, props, and other tricks of their trade. It was exciting being on the set of a video—especially with two pros.

We never realized just how much time it takes to get the staging, angle, and lighting of a scene perfect for each shot. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and a creative eye for detail.

Let’s just say that we couldn’t be happier with the final product. It truly embodies our Savvy Girl mission that you can be both organized and fashionable no matter where the day takes you.

We won’t give away too many details about the videos because we’re going to preview them over the next few weeks, but for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos taken at the studio during the shoot.



Building the set!



You may not believe it, but all of those items on the tables are waiting for their turn in the video & fit perfectly in our purses—just wait and see.



Deb gets to “lay down on the job” and push items up through the golf hole.


Steve & Scott seeking perfection!


Setting props for the next sequence


Prepping for a hole in one in Diane’s pink shoes!


The Kitty Headcover got cut but his message is clear – stay tuned for our new videos coming soon!

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