How many items will fit in our golf purse? Watch our video to find out!

The best thing about a Savvy Girl golf purse is that it’s cleverly designed to neatly store all your belongings.  You may wonder how many items you can “actually” fit conveniently into your golf purse.


That’s why Savvy Girl is proud to announce the launch of our two new videos to show readers how to take their Signature and Birdie purses to the next level of style and sophistication.

The Signature



Always fun, always fashionable, The Savvy Girl Golf Signature purse makes storing your belongings as easy as one, two, and three. Its 29-multifunctional pockets, clips, and compartments allow you to store everything from your wallet, passport, credit cards, and iPhone.

And its unique U-shaped double zipper permits you easy access to all your golf gear. There’s no question that the Signature offers a convenient pocket and compartment for everything you need —it even lets you store your Birdie purse, so you can grab it later for a night out on the town.


The Birdie



Sleek, fit, and uniquely versatile, the Savvy Girl Golf Birdie purse allows you to travel light without leaving anything behind. Its wristlet feature and cross body strap allow you to change its look in two easy steps or attach it to your golf bag or push cart for convenient mobility.

With five interior compartments and a clip provide endless space for storing your cash, keys, makeup, snacks, and other accessories.

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