How to Organize 47 Essential Golf Items

This is a true story…

My sister, Diane, is not naturally an organized person. So, she was very excited when she found out that one of the tee prizes for a golf tournament was a golf purse.

Finally, she thought, all of my “golf stuff” will be in one place, organized, and ready every time I go to play golf.  She soon discovered, however, that this golf purse was not going to be the answer to her dreams- it would be the beginning of her nightmares!

Here is what her new golf purse looked like after a short period of time…. Does this look familiar?


There were two end pockets and one small pocket inside. There was no special place for her phone…and certainly no separate place to put a sweater, jacket or visor-and the light color was a nightmare!  It got dirty quick and when she tried to wash it, it just wouldn’t come clean.

As if this wasn’t enough, there was no zipper or closure on the top of the purse. One day, Diane was driving to the course (she was probably late again and driving a little too fast) and she stepped on the brakes, causing all her “stuff” to go flying all over the car. Not the best way to start a round!

So, needless to say…it was time for a golf purse makeover!

When we took everything out of the purse, this is what we found (minus the dirt, empty wrappers, loose change and stinky old golf glove.)

IMG_0014How was she able to find anything? The answer is…she couldn’t.

Our first step was to decide where each of these items would call “home” in the Savvy Girl Signature purse.

Here is a layout of what went into the front of the purse:




Next step was to load up the back of the purse:



Final step…water bottle in the insulated pocket, sunglasses in the opposite end pocket, birdie juice in one of the pockets on the outside, and ball marker on the magnet on the outside.  Visor and jacket are neatly tucked in the middle of the purse.



Voila! Here is the result…


BONUS DOWNLOAD:  A golf checklist for the organized golfer.

And guess whatthere was even room left over!  Two pockets on the outside were empty and ready for placing items such as receipts, extra tees, or phone.


Here are Diane’s top five favorite features about her Savvy Girl Signature Purse:

  1.  The U-shaped zipper makes it easy to see in the purse and reach inside to retrieve items out of each of the compartments and pockets.
  2. The inside pulls out for easy cleaning.
  3. The outside wipes clean with soap and water.  Diane has been using her purse for over a year now and it still looks like new!
  4. The insulated beverage compartment is one of her favorites.
  5. And finally…no more lost keys! They are always located on the clip inside the purse.


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