Ready to Reorganize? Gail took the challenge!


In our last blog, we showed you how to organize the disorganized with a golf purse makeover. Whether you need more storage space for your golf gear or personal belongings, our Savvy Girl Golf products offer a stylish solution. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn how other female golfers are making the switch from hectic to organized with our Savvy Girl Signature Golf Purse.




Golfer Gail Neely knew it was time for a golf purse makeover when she realized she needed a more effective way to store her personal items while on the course. “Before purchasing my Savvy Girl Signature Purse, I would just place my keys, credit cards, and cell phone in the small pockets of my golf bag, but it was always a challenge when I needed to find something,” she said.

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Like most of us, Gail wanted a golf purse that had enough compartments to keep her organized and prepared for anything. With her Savvy Girl Signature Golf Purse, she was able to do just that: “Now, I’m able to include more personal items as I go for a round of golf, and I love the fact that this bag is compartmentalized with sections for extra golf balls, bottled water (which keeps it cool), tees, key chains, and credit cards.”

IMG_0327 2


Gail also loves how her Signature purse includes a diagram, filled with ideas on where to store her personal items. She even purchased a beautiful Savvy Girl golf towel and smaller Birdie bag to coordinate with her day and outfit.

Now Gail is not only staying organized on the course, but she’s looking Savvy and stylish too.





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