Savvy on the Green and in the Office


Mother of two and native Long Islander, Patricia Beaumont is a stylish professional on the go. Whether she’s traveling on business, running to the gym, or spending the afternoon on the green, she likes to look her best and be prepared for anything.

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Now that northern golf season has ended, Patricia has converted her Signature purse into a sophisticated work briefcase. “The Signature bag is professional; it fits my needs for work perfectly. I always have a pen, highlighter, and business cards handy for any function I am attending,” she said.

As a competitive golfer—not to mention a photographer with an eye for design—Patricia loves how her purse keeps her on her game throughout the day—no matter what’s on the agenda.

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The Signature’s 29 pockets, clips, and compartments allow her to easily interchange her golf purse from travel bag to briefcase in just seconds: “It conveniently holds my iPad, cell phone, and the files I need to transport from home; I even use it to carry my work shoes. I just grab my wallet out of my purse, and the signature bag fills both functions of a purse and briefcase.”

Versatile, stylish, and ready for on-the-go errands and business, it’s easy to see how Patricia stays Savvy all year round.

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      Debora Story says:

      Hi Joe. Thanks for your comment. We are sure that your Mom would love our bag! Our bags are available on our website at If you hurry, you will receive 30% off when you buy and 2 of our purses with coupon code XMAS30.


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