The Signature Purse

The Signature is packed full of features. One of the features that we love is the insulated compartment for our water bottles. Clips are another favorite feature. We never lose our keys anymore with the “easy-to-use” clips. The three clips are also useful for hair ties, sports bracelets or items that used to hide on the bottom of our purses. And…we never have a problem replacing a lost ball or finding a sharpie to mark it. Read more

The Birdie Purse

Please note that there are two straps included with the Birdie. We think that you will love them as much as we do. The wristlet is easy to use and attaches to the grocery cart, chair, railing, golf bag, etc…. and the long strap can be adjusted to either shoulder and cross body configurations. It is versatile and fun!! Read more

How Jenn, A Busy Professional and Mom, Stays Organized


Meet Jenn, a busy Mom and professional women, who needs some help organizing her day….FullSizeRender copy


This is Jenn’s story:

She is a professional, mother of two and both a golf and horse lover. In other words, she’s like many of you.

Jenn carried lots of things in her old purse for the kids and herself along with the things she needs for the golf course and horse stable. So it was always in one place….the bottom of her purse in one big heap! When she saw the Savvy Girl Golf purses and the many compartments that they have, plus it looked “soooo stylish” – she started using both the Signature and Birdie. Read more

U-Shaped Zipper on Signature Golf Purse

When working on our golf purse prototypes, we were really unhappy with how our future customers would see into the Signature bag and get things out of the corners and end pockets. (water bottle pocket and long pocket for sunglasses, brushes, etc.). The straight zipper across the top was not cutting it. It was like a wrestling match and just didn’t work. We had a showstopper.

I drew a diagram of an idea that might work, sent it off to our industrial designer and then to the manufacturer. We were thrilled when the next prototype came back – now golfers could put the bag on their lap, look in and see, reach and easily get items out. Here is the photograph of the solution. Problem solved!!! s0951810541707

Why golf purses?

Why golf purses? I have been searching for the perfect golf purse for several years. I’ve scoured the internet, magazines and catalogs never finding what I really wanted in organization and look.


My dear friend Jill Wight started a women’s camera bag company and suggested that I develop my own. I talked to my sister and we decided to start our own company and go for it. Jill helped us with the creative and the overall process of design and manufacturing purses. One of the other frustrating things we have found is finding high quality golf apparel and accessories. We have attended the PGA show in Orlando for the last 3 years. The show is very male dominated and very targeted to men. Even so, we have come across items we love (and never see in pro shops and stores) so you will see some of them show up as specials and promotions! Stay tuned!