10 Great Gift Ideas for your Favorite Golfer


In getting into the holiday spirit, we at Savvy Girl Golf have created a list of our top 10 gift ideas that will help find a gift for your favorite golfer.



From creative stocking stuffers and golf-themed Christmas ornaments to the popular golf films you know and love, this list has something special for every golfer.

You may even find a little something for yourself—after all, don’t you deserve a treat for staying so savvy this year?!

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Ready to Reorganize? Gail took the challenge!


In our last blog, we showed you how to organize the disorganized with a golf purse makeover. Whether you need more storage space for your golf gear or personal belongings, our Savvy Girl Golf products offer a stylish solution. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn how other female golfers are making the switch from hectic to organized with our Savvy Girl Signature Golf Purse.




Golfer Gail Neely knew it was time for a golf purse makeover when she realized she needed a more effective way to store her personal items while on the course. Read more

How to Organize 47 Essential Golf Items

This is a true story…

My sister, Diane, is not naturally an organized person. So, she was very excited when she found out that one of the tee prizes for a golf tournament was a golf purse.

Finally, she thought, all of my “golf stuff” will be in one place, organized, and ready every time I go to play golf.  She soon discovered, however, that this golf purse was not going to be the answer to her dreams- it would be the beginning of her nightmares!

Here is what her new golf purse looked like after a short period of time…. Does this look familiar?


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Savvy on the Green and in the Office


Mother of two and native Long Islander, Patricia Beaumont is a stylish professional on the go. Whether she’s traveling on business, running to the gym, or spending the afternoon on the green, she likes to look her best and be prepared for anything.

Sq version Pat Photo for Blog

Now that northern golf season has ended, Patricia has converted her Signature purse into a sophisticated work briefcase. “The Signature bag is professional; it fits my needs for work perfectly. I always have a pen, highlighter, and business cards handy for any function I am attending,” she said. Read more

A Golf Checklist for the Organized Golfer

Stay focused on your golf game by knowing that you have all your golf clothing, accessories and equipment packed and ready to get to the course on time!!

Free Golf Checklist & Tips

It always seems to be a challenge to get out the door for a day of golf or a vacation without forgetting something you need. Sometimes I stand at the door and ask myself, “Do I have enough balls, the right visor and do my socks match? Did I remember that new hat clip that I just bought?” Then, I will be in my car and think, “Do I have my shoes (or the right pair), sunscreen or an extra pair of socks?” Then, “OH NO… Where is my phone, my sunglasses or my rain jacket?” Read more

Eleven Favorite Golf Formats – Easy to Understand Explanations and Free Printable Golf Card

It’s getting to be Solheim Cup time and everyone will be asking…”What is the difference between Fourball, Foursomes, and Singles?”  Keep reading for easy explanations for 11 of the most common golf formats….Common

Stroke Play is the most common format.  Players accumulate strokes over 9 or 18 holes.  The fewest strokes win (gross or net.)

Match Play – Each hole is a separate competition.  The player with the fewest strokes wins that hole.  It can be gross or net.  The player winning the most holes wins the match.  Conceded putts are legal in match play, but not in stroke play.  Order of play is a rule in match play and you can be asked to replay a stroke if you play out of order. Read more

Ready Golf Tips: How to Save 30 Minutes or More a Round


Playing ready golf is really quite simple, and it involves each player taking their turn to hit the ball when they’re ready. This helps to speed up the pace of play by playing smarter, not necessarily faster. If you’re interested in playing some ready golf, then keep reading to learn about some simple tips to make your game more enjoyable and less stressful. Read more

How a Busy Attorney and Mom Gets Organized while Traveling

Below is an excerpt from a note we received from Rachael Pearlman who recently used the Signature bag while traveling with her family….

Diane and Deb,

So, far, I have taken (the Signature bag) on a Disney World family vacation, using it as my airplane carry-on, and as my sole piece of luggage for a weekend with my husband in Manhattan. I cannot believe how much it can hold and how there is a pocket for everything! That is the point, of course, but it is so easy to use.

At Disney, because our luggage was arriving late (via shuttle), I packed my three kids’ pajamas, as well as mine, and everyone’s toiletries, in the bag, so we were all able to be comfortable when we arrived at night before the luggage came (way after the kids’ bedtime). On the way home from Disney, I used the amazingly spacious center pocket for lots of plane snacks, I could not believe how many boxes of Mickey-shaped cookies fit. Read more

Healthy Snacks to Bring with You to the Golf Course

If you’re like countless other women who like to spend several hours at a time on the back nine of your favorite golf course, then you may find your stomach rumbling about the time you make it through the fifth hole. You should never ignore that nagging feeling in your stomach though, or you’ll surely feel your energy waning as your quest for the perfect game comes to an end.strawmufgolf


To make sure that doesn’t happen, bring some healthy snacks with you in your perfectly sized Savvy Girl golf bagRecipe for the Strawberry-Cinnamon Muffins pictured above follows:

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Learn How a Busy Golf Pro Stays Focused

Let’s learn a little about Cindy Miller. She is a self-diagnosed plate spinner; someone who has many plates spinning at the same time, hopefully not allowing any of them to drop. (She may remind you of yourself.. she is busy and needs to stay focused.  She doesn’t have time to spend searching for lost items.)


Cindy is a former LPGA Tour Player, a current member of The Legends Tour, and the 2010 LPGA National Teacher of the Year. She is a speaker, coach, author, and a corporate trainer who travels extensively.  As a Certified Behavior Analyst, she uses the game of golf as a business tool; challenging individuals, corporations, and associations to “Own Your Game”. Her passion for helping others pursue their personal potential is quite evident. (Check out Cindy’s website at www.cindymillergolf.com.) Read more